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How can CurlyRoots help grow your business?

  1. Managing a website for your salon and finding and finding followers can be very difficult so we bring the traffic to you! We are very active on social media and we seek out clients who are looking for stylists like you and direct them to
  2. Our website is 24/7 advertising for your business. Your best pictures don’t disappear down a timeline and your pictures are linked to you location. You can create a profile, share your salon logo and contact information and let the clients come to you!
  3. A CurlyRoots professional subscription allows you to post pictures of your best work, share your hours of operation, write a description about yourself and make a statement about your skills.
  4. A CurlyRoots professional subscription will help you gain more followers in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  5. With a subscription, you will be listed with priority above other stylists when people search for stylists in your area.
  6. If you are a paid subscriber, we can feature your business and your location to all CurlyRoots followers by tagging @CurlyRoots or using the hashtag #CurlyRoots (Max, 1 feature per month)

How do I subscribe?

To put yourself on the CurlyRoots map, create a:

  1. Free profile
  2. Click edit your profile
  3. Click upgrade your profile button by the “Upload pictures” section

We will continue to build tools that bring you new clients. If you haven’t already done so, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We’re just getting started, but we are growing quickly!

Make an investment in your business and subscribe to CurlyRoots now!