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CurlyRoots is an online guide that helps people find stylists and resources for afro-textured hair. If you do black/afro-textured hair, you should create a free CurlyRoots profile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people with afro-textured hair need a special website?

While there are thousands of hair salons around the United States, only a handful cater to the special needs of afro textured hair. People with afro-textured hair frequently have difficulty finding stylists who are skilled in processing, cutting and styling ethnic hair.

This directory enables people to find hair salons specializing in black hair. Everyone should feel comfortable and confident with their stylists entrusted to handle their personal grooming knowing that they are in capable hands.

What is so different about Afro-textured hair?

Afro-textured hair is often associated with tightly curled, kinky, or nappy hair. Afro-textured hair can run the gamut from coarse and tight, wooly curls to fine and silky with soft curls and everything in-between. Keeping Afro-textured hair healthy and properly groomed often requires the use of braiding, chemicals, products, tools and skills that are not commonly used by other ethnicities; therefore, there are millions of people who need salons that cater specifically to ethnic hair.

I LOVE your concept! What can I do to help?

Thank you! Our site grows with information shared by people like you.

1. You can contribute your favorite stylist, barber, beauty supply store on our home page.
2. You can make a post on facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share about our page. Tell everyone and anyone you know who might like the site. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, instagram, Pinterest etc
3. Upload a photo with #IlovemyCurlyRoots, #loveCurlyRoots whenever your CurlyRoots stylist gets it right!

Is the “Find a Stylist" feature free?

Yes! you can use the site to find a stylist for free.

I'm a stylist, why should I use CurlyRoots?

To increase the chances of reaching new clients, you need to advertise your business in as many places, as possible. specifically targets people who need a quick reference to point them resources for afro-textured hair in their area. The site can also help them find a stylist if they just moved, are travelling or away from home.

I’m a mobile stylist, or I’m a really private person. Do I HAVE to list my address?

You can just list your cross streets, or even leave the address field blank if you're not comfortable. CurlyRoots is more effective if you at least leave your city, state, zip, so we do require those!

Why is it called CurlyRoots?

We wanted to call it KinkyRoots, but the word Kinky has two meanings....Afro-texturedRoots was too long and CoilyRoots sounded weird.

I also do Caucasian/Euro-Textured Hair!

Awesome! Check the 'Caucasian/Euro-Textured' box when you create your profile

Do I have to be black to be listed as a stylist on CurlyRoots?

Not at all! There are many capable and qualified people who are talented with afro-textured hair but aren’t Black. Please be truthful about their experience and qualifications before adding your business on CurlyRoots. Here are a few questions clients might want to know about you:

If you cannot answer “yes" to most of these questions, Curly Roots might not be the best place to advertise your salon.

Do certain CurlyRoots subscribers get preferential treatment?

Yes, Stylists with a professional or premium subscription to CurlyRoots get a badge and a photo portfolio of their work. They may also show up higher in search results and get additional advertising on CurlyRoots emails and social media campaigns.

I have a suggestion / questions

Contact the CurlyRoots team at

How did my business information end up on CurlyRoots?

We research basic business information using websites, publically listed information and other sources. We also get business information from our users, who are helpful enough to correct the info we have. Please feel free to let us know if our information is out of date, if you’ve moved or if you’d like to take a break from the site!

How do I update my information on CurlyRoots?

Every Stylist can claim their business and set up an account on CurlyRoots. The free tools provided allow stylists to publish accurate information about their skills, and receive inquiries from site visitors. CurlyRoots subscribers can also post a photo portfolio

How change my email address?

Your email addresses and password are found under "Account Settings" which appears when you click on your user name in the upper right section of any page. Click that link and you will be taken to your Account Settings page, or click here to go directly to your email addresses.

Who can find me on CurlyRoots?

Everyone can read your reviews and take a look at your account profile, photos, bookmarks, and other content that you've contributed to the site. Your public profile will be tied to your business or stylist name. Other than just stumbling upon you and your great reviews by browsing the site, other people might be able to find you using the search feature.

How do I close my account on CurlyRoots?

To close your user account, please click here. If you don't mind telling us, we'd love to hear why you want to leave. While CurlyRoots continues to evolve your feedback makes a big difference. If there's something you found unsatisfying about CurlyRoots, tell us about it and we'll do our best to try improve things.

What are bookmarks?

Similar to bookmarks in your web browser, bookmarks on CurlyRoots are a way for you to mark a stylist so you can remember to come back to their page later.

App Permissions

Why does CurlyRoots ask for access to my device’s photos and Camera?

This allows the app to use your device's camera to upload photos to the CurlyRoots website. No photos are taken or retrieved without your knowledge, and all camera actions require the user to initiate them.

Why does Curlyroots ask for access to my device’s SD card

Certain images are sometimes cached and stored on your phone for faster retrieval. Photos you take are also sometimes stored as they're uploaded. We always remove these photos from your SD card shortly after the upload finishes.

What does CurlyRoots do with my information?

We take privacy very seriously. Please take the time to review our privacy policy so you can see exactly what we do with your information.

If you receive spammy messages from another CurlyRoots member, or if you receive a message that is harassing, abusive, or contains a violation of our Terms of Service, please report it here.